No Deposit Bonuses: No Risk but All the Reward

If there was a Holy Grail amongst the numerous promotions made available online, then this is the one. The No Deposit Casino Bonus is a rare gem that many seasoned players look to use or find where possible.

What this guide presents is an introduction to what the no deposit bonus is, what you can get from it, the terms and conditions, and tips on how to best use it.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus is a reward that can be claimed without having to make an initial deposit into your casino account to activate it. Depositing payments is required with nearly every bonus online with the exception of this one.

Instantly, players are presented with a fantastic risk-free opportunity to win real money online.

There are two types of bonuses in the world of promotions, they amount to Free Spins and cash credit. These are the same type of bonuses attributed to no deposit rewards. You will either receive a cash amount to spend in the casino or you will receive a number of Free Spins.

Here are two examples of how no deposit bonuses can be promoted by an online casino…

No deposit Welcome Bonus

“Claim a $25 No Deposit Welcome Bonus”

So, the casino Welcome Bonus is something that is made available from all online operators. Though more commonly seen as a deposit bonus, on the rare occasion the no deposit option becomes the choice for newly registering players only.

The no deposit Welcome Bonus can either be presented as a cash offer or as Free Spins. Now, either way, the non-payment bonus will reward less than those requiring a deposited payment.

In addition to this fact, some casinos will give out a no deposit bonus just for registering along with a regular deposit Welcome Bonus.

In the case of cash credit, no deposit bonuses tend to be in the region of $25, maybe $100 in some rare cases. We’ve seen a few casinos in the American market hit this high, but, again, these are rare.

No deposit Free Spins

“Get 75 Free Spins on Starburst™, No Deposit Required”

Now, in terms of Free Spins with this bonus, players opting to settle for Free Spins may only get a minimum of 5 depending on the offer. With no deposit spins, at most they can claim to 100, again, rare but they have been seen in the US and Canada market.

No deposit Free Spins more often than not come with restrictions to what games are eligible. Rather than give a full menu to choose from, no deposit Free Spins usually settle with one game choice. That game will be listed in the terms of the bonus.

Can Real Money be Won with No Deposit Bonuses?

Yes, despite not having to pay for the bonus offer, you can still win real money. However, just by having a bonus to play with doesn’t guarantee you wins. All wins are successful because of luck. Playing the right game at the right time yields profitable results.

Now, the no deposit bonus may also be limiting in terms of what is credited or to the number of spins, so it must be expected that what you do win in return will also be limited as a result of this.

Why do Casinos Offer No Deposit Offers?

No deposit bonuses are rare to find, so when a casino uses them, be sure that they will not be hanging around for long. Casinos know full well what potential they have despite giving players limited returns than average deposit bonuses.

What they gift are free playing opportunities. Ideal for new players exploring gambling for the first time. If a casino is offering 20 Free Spins with no deposit required, you may not win much or anything at all. However, for the casino, it’s the potential to register a new player that may give interest after testing the no deposit bonus offer.

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

As with all promotional offers, the terms and conditions are there to be read, not ignored. Now, with no deposit bonuses, there is less to read given that there is no initial payment to be made.

Online casinos do not share the same rules and no bonus like the no deposit is ever the same as another no deposit bonus in some other casino. There are some highlighted points that work their way into every set of rules and for the no deposit bonus they can include:

What Games Can be Played with a No Deposit Bonus?

The most common game and popular one selected by players is obviously the slot machine. Slots are hugely loved amongst players because of their jackpot figures. Slots are easy to play and when there’s the chance to win for free, then it’s an offer that is hard to turn down.

If the terms allow, then no deposit bonuses can be used for other games.

Another popular gaming option that becomes available are the digital card and table games, notably blackjack, roulette, and video poker.

In some cases, players are also able to select bingo and scratchcards.

What is clear from having this bonus, is that, if the terms and conditions allow, users can be given a real choice of experiencing their favourite games without cost.

No deposit sports betting bonuses

Yes, sports betting can also fall into the category of no deposit bonuses. Players can claim free sports bets up to the sum of $5.00 when they join. The terms usually state the odds must be 1.75 or more if using the reward.

Sports betting is a good choice to go with if you have strong sporting knowledge and are confident in your assessment to pick winnings teams. You may even be able to place an accumulator bet with your no deposit bonus and get a far greater return from 4, 6, 8, even 12 games than you would through one single bet.

Benefits of Using No Deposit Promotions

The main benefit of the no deposit bonus is that it saves players from having to use their own finances to experience the casino. Often seen as a Welcome Bonus for first-time members, it gives those joining the perfect welcome.

By having risk-free access to games, players can better gauge what the casino can offer, how good the features are, and potentially win real money for free within the first few goes of using the bonus and not one penny has needed to have been spent beforehand.

Tips for No Deposit Users

Whilst there are no real tips that help you to win when playing casino games online. We are still able to give you advice on what to do with such an offer should you find one.

✅ Check the eligible games and see what RTP score they hold. The higher the score, the better the chances of a return.

✅ If the eligible games are open and you can choose what to play, look to play digital blackjack or roulette, as these have better odds than slot machines.

✅ Look out for No Deposit Bonuses offered through mobile app downloads.

✅ If you cannot find a demo game, then use the no deposit bonus to practice that game with before using real money on it.

✅ Some no deposit bonuses will come with a special bonus code. Refer to the terms to get hold of the no deposit code.

No Deposit Bonus Summary

The no deposit bonus is another betting option provided by a few online casinos that will reside amongst its other rewards.

It gives users a limited, yet important understanding of what service they could experience should they choose to join.

It provides an opportunity to win money without having to spend your own funds. It allows you to play your favourite games with no cost or to experience new features that just might offer greater entertainment should your no-cost trial be profitable.

These bonuses are so sought after because of the freedoms that come with them. You won’t be getting a $50 no deposit bonus or 200 Free Spins no deposit, this bonus is not about that. These are minimal offers to sample a site or game, to cut risks for new players, and to have a little fun with.