Free Spins: How Once Spin Can Win It All for Free

If one bonus was to be crowned most popular, then Free Spin sits on the throne. This is a reward that is seen everywhere online. They are provided in number and across a diverse range of promotions. Free Spins offer players an opportunity per spin to win real money. They give users access to the market’s leading games and offer risk-free entertainment.

In this guide to Free Spins, you will learn exactly what they are and how they are to be used. We will give examples of what different Free Spins can be offered and why they are presented. We look at the popular Free Spin games, the bonus terms and conditions, Free Spin bonus rounds within games and tips on what Free Spins to look out for.

What are Bonus Free Spins?

Free bonus spins are essentially a free game. The number of spins you get vary depending on where you get your bonus from and what type of promotion is made available.

Free Spins are a reward that gives players the luxury of experiencing a game and making wagers that are risk-free. Though you may not win from them because winning is pure luck, it is better to try and lose without financial cost than with it.

The Free Spin bonus is something that is seen as a more attractive bonus than most others because of the appeal of slot machine games.

Slots are the most popular form of gaming online and as such, Free Spins are a highlight of the demand. This is why spin bonuses are able to come in different number of promotional packages. Here are two examples of this and how you might discover Free Spin offers inside the top casinos online.

Welcome Bonus Free Spins

“Get up to 100 Free Spins when you make your first deposit!”

This is an example of the kind of Free Spins Welcome Bonus that is out there. Welcome Bonuses are exclusive promotions made available to new players only. With such an offer, the player is required to make an initial deposit into their casino account first to activate the offer.

The number of spins will be different across all types of offers. They can be as low as 5 for a Welcome Bonus and high as 500.

Now, there are also No Deposit Free Spin Welcome Bonuses. In this case, there is no requirement for depositing payment into your account. However, the number of spins you get in return for registering is significantly lower than if a deposit were required.

Game of the Week Free Spins

“Play Starburst™ with 25 Free Mega Bonus Spins”

Another bonus example of Free Spins can be gifted in the form of a casino’s promotion of a new game or Game of the Week. A special promoted game will be selected, from which, players are given x-amount of free goes at winning real money. These bonuses do tend to come with the request of a deposit.

Can Real Money be Won with Free Spin Bonuses?

Yes, real money can be won from Free Spins, thusly, why they have some huge marketing appeal.

Now, players shouldn’t be confused that they will guarantee real money will be won because winning is pure luck.

Nevertheless, this bonus is about opportunity and on a greater scale because you can have so many spins that it’s almost mathematically probable you will win something.

At the highest end, a player can receive up to 500 Free Spins. Now, even the most highly volatile game will still payout within this amount of spins, so the odds are good.

There should be no convincing needed when it comes to presenting Free Spin bonuses to new players but just in case. Back in 2018, a newly registered player in the United States claimed a Free Spins bonus from an online New Jersey casino and won an 8 million dollar jackpot from the game Divine Fortune™ by NetEnt. This was the first of its kind, no Free Spins bonus has ever struck a jackpot before, but it highlights that the possibility is there.

Why do Casinos Offer Free Bonus Spins?

Why the hell would a casino give their players the chance at winning something for free? There are a number of reasons for a site to provide such an offer. The most obvious is to rouse the attention of players that love slot machines.

Some spins are limited in number and may not even land a win. For example, you have far less chance of winning big with 10 Free Spins than you do with 100. So, there is a balance to things.

You will also find that some winnings through the Free Spins are capped. You may be offered 100 Free Spins, but the most that can be won per spin are capped at $1.00.

Also, spins can be restricted at the cost per spin. If you have 200 Free Spins but all valued at $0.10 per spin, the return is very unlikely to help you retire at a young age.

Casinos offer these bonuses out whilst being fully aware of the risks. They will make them available but under conditions and those are found within the terms and conditions that must be read.

Free Spin Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every bonus online comes with a set of terms and conditions (t&c) that must be read. The small print is a bore to read through, but they give you all the rules on how the bonus is to be used correctly.

With Free Spins there are very basic terms which include the following:

A typical Free Spins bonus will need to be paid for. You could argue that it’s, therefore, not technically free. The minimum deposit on average is $5 to activate such an offer. You will then receive the bonus in your account with a notification in your messages advising that it has been released and ready to be used.

Relative to the casino you sign to, the terms will indicate what game or set of games are eligible. The more common of the kind are online slots.

Now, should you win, you may have to meet the wagering requirement terms before you can withdraw the winnings.

Not all Free Spins have this term, but those that do, are required to meet a multiple of the winnings in cost and for that amount to be deposited and wagered.

Benefits of Using Free Spins

The benefits of using a bonus like free Spins far outnumber the negatives that may come from the terms. Ultimately, they are a risk-free opportunity that allows you to win real money.

Free Spins, though may be burdened by a cruel wagering requirement, can still, nevertheless, be used to gauge how games perform. You can test a slot via the bonus spins to see if the game is worthy of your interest long after you’ve used the offer.

It can then also introduce you to new developers that hit the market, given that seasoned members tend to stick with their favoured gaming developer throughout their time playing.

Here are just some of the obvious benefits highlighted:

✅ You’ll be making a saving on your finances

✅ Keep what you win

✅ Play new titles before anyone else

✅ Discover new slot developers

Popular Free Spin games

Given that slot machines are the most abundant of games out there, you might be wondering which slots are eligible?

Well, with some casinos, you can play any game you want within their menu. However, some casinos tend to give players one or a choice of three.

Over the years, the bonus that have been restricted to the few have tended to lean towards these gaming titles.

Here are the most common Free Spin games you’ll be able to play with bonus:

The New Free Spin Credits

There has been an emergence of a new Free Spin bonus which is focused not on the number of spins, but as a spin credit. Free Spin Credit gives players x-amount that can be wagered on a game. This gives them a choice on cost per spin and what game they play.

So, if you are given $5.00 in Free Spin credit, you can, for example, play 50 x $0.10 spins. Alternatively, you can wager 5 x $1.00 spins. The choice is your in how this credit is used within the game.

Best Slots offering Free Spin Bonus Rounds

As a side to the concept of Free Spins as a bonus that can be claimed, Free Spins are also a feature that can be landed within slot games.

Free Spin bonus rounds are a wonderful feature that, again, provide players with free goes at potentially winning real money.

Here is a table of the best slot games online that come with Free Spin bonus rounds. Note that they are also some of the highest RTP slots available.

Slot Title Return to Player (RTP%)
Blood Suckers 98%
Kings of Chicago 97.8%
Devil’s Delight 97.6%
Simsalabim 97.5%
Zombies 97.2%
Jack Hammer 97.00%
Guns N’ Roses 96.98%
Immortal Romance 96.86%

(RTP: Return to Player. This is the percentage of money that can be won from all money deposited into the game. So, if you play with $100 on Blood Suckers, you can win 98% of your money back.)

Tips for Free Spin Users

As mentioned, winning is always down to luck, so what tips are there to at least improve your chances?

There are several things to keep an eye out for which can be done prior to claiming any offer.

Take note of these points as they are handy to know of, even if you do not have a Free Spins promotion to play with.

✅ Be conscious of the eligible games and what RTP score they come with. The higher the score, the better chance of winning. You do not want to waste precious spins on a game with low-scoring RTP.

✅ Look at the gaming volatility. Pick Low or Medium volatility games. The Volatility is an indicator of performance and these two will supply enough frequent wins to supply a profit

✅ Look at the value per spin and try to aim for bonuses that play with 0.20 or 0.25 per spin where possible. Check the value per spin within the bonus terms or within the slot’s gaming information.

✅ If you are unsure whether an eligible game is going to be good or bad, then just play a quick demo game first. Demo games are cost-free games that play with the same odds and features as the real money counterpart.

✅ Only ever use bonuses if you are able to meet the terms and conditions asked.

Free Spins Summary

If there is a chance to win money for free online, then take it. No bonus is an obligation, it’s not a contract. You can spin 500 Free Spins and win $100,000. Now, you may not be able to pay the wagering requirement of the offer if there is one, but that’s okay, you can’t withdraw the money, but the fun was had regardless.

It’s all part and parcel of the experience, don’t take it too seriously, and just enjoy whatever the outcome.

Every casino offer of Free Spins will be different in some fashion. Even if there are two giving you 200 Free Spins each, their differences are found within their bonus terms.

Read the terms before you commit and be aware of how the offer works for both yourself and the casino.

Free Spins are also rewarded without cost and presented through a loyalty scheme. These will often be tailored to your favourite games. Some may also be spin credit and if the case, then most definitely refer to our top tips to make sure those spin credits are not wasted on the wrong game.

Be in it to win it, so go ahead and spin it.